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Tips for Improving Effectiveness in Forcible Entry, Part 3

Issue 8 and Volume 161.

BY BILL GUSTIN Part 1 was published in the April 2008 issue; Part 2 was published in the June 2008 issue. When performing forcible entry, you cannot rely on just one technique or depend on the same tools to be successful every time. A company proficient in forcible entry will use a variety of hand and power tools and can recognize those forcible entry challenges that call for the use of power tools or through-the-lock techniques. In many urban areas, residents protect themselves from crime by installing security bars to every door and window. The problem is intensified when doorway gates are equipped with one or more double-cylinder deadbolt locks, which is very common in my company’s district. This effectively locks occupants inside their residence, requiring them to find and use keys to escape a fire. Consequently, each year lives are lost in (relatively small) room-and-contents fires because security bars…

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