Nostalgic Reflections of My Occupational Adventure, Part 2

Issue 8 and Volume 161.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI Last MONTH I started a description of attending fires as a brand new firefighter. I did not have any frame of reference at that time to know where a human being could or should go in relation to what looked (to me) like a raging, out-of-control, planet-ending fire. So, I took my place on the hoseline behind my senior colleagues, hung on for dear life, and went along on a rapid ride to wherever my crew took me. At first, I was convinced that I had joined a thrill show in an insane asylum. It seemed they instantly raced to what looked like the most impossible place and then fought in that spot until the fire was out. Sometimes, they fought and fought and fought. Generally, we fought until we overpowered the fire, but occasionally the fire would literally blow us out of the building. Sometimes such…

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