Fire Prevention & Protection

Mediating the Best Solution

Issue 8 and Volume 161.

BY RICHARD MARINUCCI As the chief, you may be asked to provide a solution to an issue that involves members of your department and people outside your organization. Those on the outside may be other government employees, including your boss, private citizens, or members of the business community. In these cases, you are not the technical expert and probably are not involved in the details of the issue. Regardless, you are where the “buck stops” and will need to produce a viable solution that is in the best interest of your community and department, provides relief for your boss, and supports your personnel. THE TWO SIDES You receive a call from your boss, who would like to meet with you regarding an issue involving a property developer who is trying to gain approval for a certificate of occupancy. At the meeting, your boss informs you that an influential business person…

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