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Voluntary recall of 325-feet shot line for Bridger™ Line Gun

Naval Company Inc of Doylestown, Pennsylvania has announced a safety warning and voluntary recall of the “325-feet, 310-pound TEST SHOT LINE” sold as an accessory to the Bridger™ Shoulder Line Throwing Gun. Although the 325-feet lines being recalled have saved lives and been used for over 40 years without any complaint or reported instance of the line not working as intended, the company’s own recent testing has alerted them to a possible issue. Do not use these lines for life saving or any other critical purpose; the Bridger™ Line Gun may, under certain circumstances, outshoot the length of the 325-feet line, leaving the rescuer without a rescue line. No other length of Naval Company Inc line is affected by this recall.

If you possess any of these lines, identified by the designations “325 FT” and “310 LB. TEST” stamped on the fiberboard container, remove the lines from your kit or storage room immediately and DO NOT USE THEM! To ensure these lines are not used for life saving or other critical applications, customers who possess these lines are requested to exchange them for other lines, return them for credit or return them for a refund of the purchase price. Shipping will be paid by Naval Company Inc.

Bridger™ Line Gun owners who have not received a recall notice can obtain information at the company’s website,, or register for the recall one of the following ways:

1) E-mail the company at [email protected] with complete contact information.
2) Send a fax with contact information referencing “recall” to 215-348-5637.
3) Call Naval Company Inc at 215-348-8982.

For over 60 years the Bridger™ Line Gun has saved lives and served many useful purposes. It is the intention of the company to maintain the strong reputation it has for dependability and customer service so the USA made Bridger™ products can be relied upon for many years to come.