Air Management Drill

Issue 9 and Volume 161.

BY STEVE BERNOCCO, MIKE GAGLIANO, CASEY PHILLIPS, AND PHIL JOSE We AND OTHER SEATTLE (WA) Fire Department members developed the following drill to integrate key pieces of air management, SCBA training, fireground communications, and Maydays with newer policy changes (especially in air management), providing practice opportunities for the difficult challenges associated with personal or team distress. Although some of the drill components reflect Seattle Fire Department policy and procedures, you can easily modify the drill to conform to your department’s requirements. The training module is comprehensive in nature. You can conduct it in an hour or expand it to include any number of operational components the training officer deems necessary. Our drill begins with a simple, 60-second timed SCBA donning evolution. Depending on the time allotted, this can also include instruction on the specifics of the unit, as well as proper maintenance and troubleshooting. Of critical importance is the assurance…

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