RIT Positions and Assignments

Issue 9 and Volume 161.

BY JIM McCORMACK HOW MANY FIREFIGHTERS ARE there in a rapid intervention team (RIT)? The answer identifies the difference between theory and reality. In an ideal setting, where staffing is not an issue, the ideal RIT size is four members, with multiple RITs available on the fireground. This allows one team to stand by for deployment while additional teams perform proactive fireground tasks. Where staffing is not ideal (which is in most departments), there should be a four-person RIT in place to deploy. The bottom line: You must have a team ready to deploy immediately, or you really don’t have a RIT in place. During actual fireground rapid intervention operations, multiple RITs are needed. Any time a RIT is deployed, additional RITs must be established for their relief and safety. Rapid intervention operations take two or more teams to remove a downed firefighter. If everything falls into place, the first…

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