Fire Prevention & Protection

The In-Line Gauge in Standpipe Operations

Issue 10 and Volume 161.

BY RUSS CHAPMAN Your engine company receives a report of fire in a mid-rise elderly housing complex during morning coffee at the beginning of a shift. You know from past history that this complex has had fires as well as “smells and bells.” On arrival, you see the familiar seven-story Type I standpipe-equipped apartment complex and note heavy smoke coming from a window on the A side of the sixth floor. You call in a second alarm and order your crew to grab their hose bundles as you grab the standpipe bag. As you enter the building, your pump operator hooks up to the fire department connection. An occupant reports the fire is in apartment 6-G, which you report to all incoming companies and designate the B stairwell as the attack stairwell. Your company proceeds up to the fifth floor, where you order your crew to connect three lengths of…

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