Leadership Excellence: Balancing Management with Leadership

Issue 10 and Volume 161.

BY RONALD E. KANTERMAN We’ve all had bosses who appeared to have been good leaders but were terrible at being managers, and vice versa. Both disciplines take hard work. Management entails lots of work in planning, organizing, staffing, delegating, budgeting, and all the other managerial aspects. Can you be a good leader and a good manager at the same time? I say yes. Can you be good at one and not the other? I say yes again. Can you be unsatisfactory at both? Of course! I knew a chief of a small combination fire department. He was a great manager and administrator. He could justify a delivery of ice to the firehouse on a 5° day in February and get the funding for it from City Hall. However, he couldn’t lead his personnel to the breakfast table. He had no “people skills” or leadership qualities and had a tendency to…

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