Engine Company

25 Pointers for Your Engine Company

Issue 10 and Volume 161.

BY JEFF SHUPE Consider this scenario: It is a midday summer afternoon, and a large 21⁄2-story, wood-frame structure is on fire. It is a double-decker style two-family dwelling that has been vacant for a short time. Fire is coming out of all windows and doors on both floors and the attic. The smoke is visible from a mile away. En route, the dispatcher reports that the fire alarm office is receiving multiple phone calls reporting the fire. As your first-due engine turns into the block, a crowd of people greets you. Many are shouting, “Put out the fire!” The houses on either side of the fire building are also of wood frame, and both are occupied. They are only five feet away from the fully involved building and are starting to burn. As should be expected, their owners are the most vocal in the crowd. Photos by Steve Nedrich unless…

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