Holding the Nozzle

Issue 10 and Volume 161.

BY RAY McCORMACK Firefighters use a variety of hand positions to hold and operate the nozzle at fires. Unfortunately, many of these hand positions decrease stream effectiveness and can lead to a loss of nozzle control or loss of water. Some firefighters hold the nozzle the way they were taught, while others have used those methods to develop their own style. Holding the nozzle is not really about comfort; it is about effectively delivering the water where it is needed. Click here to enlarge image Photo 1: The firefighter’s left hand is palm down on top of the hose, gripping the line just behind the bail. With this grip, the elbow points away from the body, eliminating the chest as an anchor point. The left hand is in line with the bail and can easily slide forward, causing a partial or complete loss of water. Some firefighters have been taught…

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