Fire EMS

EMS Customer Service

Issue 10 and Volume 161.

By SCOTT C. HOLLIDAY The one emergency service that should have cornered the customer service market is the emergency medical service (EMS). EMS is all about compassion and caring for a sick or injured individual. We interact with these individuals when they are at their lowest and are reaching out for someone for concern, kindness, and help. We are a healing service that must treat not only the broken bones and diseased organs but also the person. Why do some big chain retail outlets have greeters? Those people say hello at the door, direct you to the right department, and say thank you for shopping with them as you leave. Those retail giants compete with each other, and they want you to spend money in their store. They make every effort to make you feel special; help you; and, most importantly, make you want to come back. Chances are if…

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