Industrial Firefighting

Preplanning Gases at Industrial Sites

Issue 11 and Volume 161.

BY ERIC G. BACHMAN Understanding the hazards that await you at industrial sites is part of preincident preparedness. What fire officers know before an emergency allows them to be better prepared. By obtaining essential information and conducting training on site-specific hazards and determining resource needs and their procurement, fire department leaders increase the chances of a successful outcome and firefighter survival. Preparedness efforts, however, should not focus solely on target hazards that present obvious operational challenges. Firefighters may perceive certain occupancies as low hazard or low risk. This perception can lead to complacency, with the result that preparedness efforts are often overlooked. Every facility you protect can hurt you; every facility provides a challenge. Recognizing those challenges is critical to a successful outcome. Certain occupancy classifications, such as a business setting, likely would be considered a low hazard. However, it is important to remember that low hazard does not mean…

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