A Guide to Chemical Profiling

Issue 11 and Volume 161.

BY GLEN D. RUDNER While researching for a sound methodology to use for referencing known products on the scene of a hazardous materials or weapons of mass destruction (WMD) incident, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s (VDEM) Technological Hazards Division found a program that was reputable and backed by science. The program, Chemical Profiling of Known Chemicals, originally came from the U.S. Coast Guard’s Environmental Response Division in Yorktown, Virginia. After evaluating the flow of the process, it was determined to make several adjustments that made it a response tool that could be used on hazardous materials/WMD incidents. It has been used now for almost 10 years by operations-level responders and hazardous materials technicians in Virginia with great success. In addition to being an excellent response tool, it is also an outstanding addition to any emergency response agency’s Risk Based Response (RBR) training program. This article provides an overview of…

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