Fire EMS

Ensure Scene Safety at Your Next EMS Call

Issue 12 and Volume 161.

BY BARRY S. DASKAL Envision the following scenario: Fire/rescue is dispatched to a report of a 35-year-old female who is “not feeling well.” As the two EMS providers approach, they are met at the door by a uniformed police officer who tells them he found the patient “slumped forward into her food” at her desk when he arrived. Coworkers say she is a diabetic. Once inside, the two responders observe an approximately 35-year-old female sitting at a desk with the remnants of a grilled chicken salad in front of her and her drink knocked over onto the floor. She is leaning her forehead heavily into her right hand. A few seconds later, her head bobs down and then back up; she makes eye contact with the EMS crew but fails to show any appreciable acknowledgment of the rescuers. Click here to enlarge image The lead firefighter steps toward the patient,…

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