Sometimes, you have to force change to survive

Issue 12 and Volume 161.

In “NASCAR and Elephants” (Editor’s Opinion, August 2008), Editor in Chief Bobby Halton wrote about a crazed volunteer firefighter’s driving. I know the story and what the outcome should be. As a past chief in a volunteer department, I have seen that stupid driving is not only unsafe, but it puts us in a very bad light. I always told all the members (I got their ear their first night in for an hour or so), “If you don’t get there, you can’t help anyone.” The first suspension (of very few) I issued was caused by driving, and it was not fun for me, but it had to be done. The new and young member had no idea that driving like a fool to an alarm does not help anyone. After his return, he did it again, and he was removed with no kind words for me, but we are…

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