Use SOGs to Prepare for a Mayday

Issue 2 and Volume 162.

BY KEVIN “WILLY” WILSON You are sitting around the dinner table with the crews talking about some of the calls you have been on and laughing about the pranks you pulled on the rookies. About halfway through dinner, you get tapped out for a large two-story residential structure fire. You arrive on-scene. Command gives a scene size-up, conducts a walk-around, and then gives a plan. You and your partner are assigned search and rescue on the second floor. At the door, your partner radios Command that you are on air and entering the structure on the alpha side. You make your way to the second floor. You end up going down a long hallway, searching through a couple of large rooms, a den, and a bathroom. You find nothing. The smoke is getting thicker, and visibility is decreasing. THE PROBLEM As you crawl down the end of the hallway, you…

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