Removals from Fire Buildings

Issue 2 and Volume 162.

By JOHN G. RIKER Removing victims from a fire building is no easy task. No matter how it’s done, it can be a dangerous, time-consuming, staffing-intensive operation. As a commanding officer, it is my job to safely and effectively manage fire department resources. Of course, I am concerned with the life hazard and the rescue’s success. However, I leave the operational removal method to the company officer. I know that a well-trained and properly supervised ladder company has the necessary skills to bring the event to a successful conclusion. Saving lives is the number one goal of the fire service; members must be committed to this operational priority, possibly delaying other firefighting duties such as overhaul, forcible entry, and horizontal ventilation. When it is evident on arrival that ladder company members must commit to occupant rescue and removal, call for additional units immediately. Also, occupants visible on arrival often indicate…

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