More than generation defines a “firefighter”

Issue 2 and Volume 162.

Thanks to Editor in Chief Robert Halton for “With the Deepest Respect” (Editor’s Opinion, October 2008). It is unclear to me to which generation I belong, but I know I am a young progressive-minded person who has been fortunate to achieve success in the fire service. I am well aware of the work I still need to continue my success. I am in full agreement with the comments and thoughts in the editorial. I had the pleasure of being in one of Chief Halton’s classes a couple of years ago. He spoke of his son who had just completed flight school. I thought, “This is great—pride not only in your son but also in his achievement.” I will fast forward to just a couple of months ago, when I attended a class called “21st Century Chief Officer,” which is supposed to give newly promoted chief officers guidance and ideas for…

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