Engine Company, Firefighting

Engine Company Skills Can Make or Break Your Department

Issue 2 and Volume 162.

BY JERRY KNAPP We were second due as our engine pulled up to the scene. Heavy fire was showing from the fire building and was rapidly extending into the third exposure (B-2) of the attached row houses. An assistant chief from the home department ordered us to stretch two 2½-inch lines to the rear. It was clear this would be a defensive operation; all occupants were out, and the roof had already collapsed on two of the units. The chauffeur caught a hydrant near the fire building and connected with the help of some members who met us at the scene. As soon as the two lines were stretched, the pump operator made sure we had a good supply of water. Our two big lines with smooth bore nozzles helped make the difference. We were able to cut off the fire before it extended to the next exposed attached dwelling.…

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