Evolution of the Change Process

Issue 2 and Volume 162.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI My fire service career occurred during the most active period of change in our business. When I started (1958), we were basically a bunch of white guys hanging off the tailboards of open-cab rigs powered by huge gas engines, driven by (very skillful) maniacs. We wore cotton duck coats, responding to pretty much only structural fires that we fought with primitive tools like a bunch of wild men. When I checked out (2006), we were a gender/race-diverse department that was equipped with a full array of current technology. We now respond in air-conditioned (!) apparatus with an onboard computer, dispatched by a satellite-driven GPS system to a full array of services—EMS, special operations, community service, etc. The firefighters now riding in that truck are the best trained in our history. They wear the most advanced personal protective equipment (PPE), are protected by modern safety/wellness programs, and back…

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