Extrication Zone

Stages of Coordinated Vehicle Rescue

Issue 2 and Volume 162.

By DAVID DALRYMPLE The concept of coordinated vehicle rescue was recently put forward to the members of the World Rescue Organization as an evaluation tool for the various extrication challenges around the world. While rescuers worldwide are faced with a wide range of hazards, many of those hazards are increasingly similar, whether in Clinton, New Jersey; Cape Town, South Africa; London, England; or even Gothenburg, Sweden. You are faced with managing ever-changing hazards, yet you can learn from other firefighters more so than ever before, at least with regard to vehicle rescue. The Stages of Coordinated Vehicle Rescue document (Figure 1) has gone through several iterations over the years. Figure 1. Stages of Coordinated Vehicle Rescue Click here to enlarge image David Coldbeck from the Australasian Road Rescue Organization (ARRO) drafted its original version based on materials from the Netherlands’ International Center for Emergency Techniques. It has since undergone a…

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