Interior Size-Up from the Door

Issue 3 and Volume 162.

BY SAMUEL HITTLE Our occupation requires swift action when we are called to serve. We respond without hesitation, armed with limited information and the mindset that every second counts. Adrenaline-driven with a desire to help, our nature is to plunge headfirst into the alarm. There are moments, however, when we must make ourselves slow down to achieve a greater situational awareness and use our time more efficiently. These wisely used seconds can save minutes, and those minutes can save lives. This ideology holds true in many facets of our response. A driver who visualizes the best route before pulling out of the firehouse can avoid feeling pressured to drive beyond limits to gain time that otherwise would be lost. A rig that approaches the fireground slowly is more likely to get the most advantageous positioning for company deployment and other responding pieces. Seconds taken to speak with occupants or view…

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