Apparatus & Equipment

Building Your Own Station House Map

Issue 3 and Volume 162.

BY FRED McLEOD Memory is SUCH a fragile thing. When the alarm goes out, as the officer and crew don their gear, the best thing the driver or engineer can do is to make sure he knows where he’s going. Most drivers will admit to the occasional brain malfunction. We’ve all heard of assigned crews recognizing the street name but not having a clue as to where the street is situated. How do we address this issue? Map books are clumsy and slow to thumb through. Computer-aided dispatch and computerized map systems are only as good as the data they provide. In “Tips for Learning Your Way Around Your Response Area” (Fire Engineering, October 2006), Battalion Chief Steve Prziborowski provides an excellent overview of how to become familiar with the streets in your response area. A good station house map should be an integral part of a firehouse’s response plan.…

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