Firefighting in Fire-Resistive Multiple Dwellings

Issue 4 and Volume 162.

BY DANIEL SHERIDAN In this article, I WILL look back at my 23 years in the fire service and review some of the events that led to the development of the tactics we use today. I do not address the fire load and wind problem here. The following examples just illustrate the basic firefighting principles that we should follow at every fire involving a fire-resistive multiple dwelling. FIRE-RESISTIVE CONSTRUCTION A fire-resistive multiple dwelling is a building in which the floors, walls, structural members, and stairway enclosures are made of noncombustible materials with fire-resistive ratings as required by the local building code. I remember going to the firehouse for my first tour. The building was in the middle of the block, surrounded by these 19-story high-rise buildings. I grew up in a part of New York City where no buildings were more than seven stories, so this was a new experience.…

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