Firefighter Training

Training Evolutions: The Crucial “C”s

Issue 4 and Volume 162.

BY PAUL HASENMEIER Firefighter injuries or deaths can occur at a training evolution if you do not take precautions. I am a young and persistent fire instructor who doesn’t want to let any of the past misfortunes and mistakes happen again. It is important to provide realistic training scenarios, but it is more important to ensure that everyone gets to work their next shift. Whether instructing in technical rescue procedures or old school firefighting techniques at a fire academy, in a volunteer department, or in a paid department, the instructor must be Competent, have Control of the situation, and use the incident Command system (ICS)—the crucial “C”s. The needs and demands of our communities have changed throughout the years, leading us to the all-hazards approach of today. In the 1970s, many of us added emergency medical services (EMS). In the 1980s, hazardous materials issues became more prevalent. In the 1990s,…

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