Site Drawings Aid in Fire Attack

Issue 4 and Volume 162.

BY STEVE GODSHALL AND BILL SEASHOLTZ Just as you sit down for lunch, your pager goes off: Smoke is coming from the closet of Room 112 at the Hometown Elementary School. Two minutes later, you’re in the officer’s seat of your first-out engine. You know where the school is but not Room 112. You ask the driver and the other three firefighters in the cab, “Anybody know where Room 112 is?” No one knows. The elementary school has two separate vehicle entrances—one on School Street, the other on Main Street. Unfortunately, the two parking lots are not connected. If you select the wrong entrance, you’ll have to exit it and enter from the other street. As you approach the scene, you see students and teachers outside but no smoke. You enter from School Street—at the main entrance—and stop at the main entrance door. You exit the truck and ask a…

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