Rapid Intervention Alternatives

Issue 4 and Volume 162.

BY KEVIN W. MUNSON JR. AND JOHN H. OATES Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) skills have progressed rapidly since the introduction and acceleration of the RIT concept. There are a number of techniques, tricks, and other methods for removing downed firefighters. All the techniques we have seen lack one crucial element—simplicity. As we examined our medium-sized metropolitan department, we were left with this painful conclusion: As a whole, we were ill-prepared to handle the worst-case fireground scenario of a downed firefighter. We are fairly certain that our department is not alone in this dilemma. Although we trained our members in a variety of techniques and have identified solutions and methods, we still didn’t seem to have the confidence that a potential RIT deployment would be successful. The skills discussed here are not intended to replace the traditional skills being taught to firefighters. They are meant to enhance the training and provide…

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