Extrication Zone

Bolt Cutter Uses

Issue 4 and Volume 162.

BY LES BAKER It’s possible to use many dif-ferent types of hand tools in vehicle extrication, and you should use them whenever possible. Most of these are the same as those used in structural firefighting and are readily available at the scene of a collision; they are useful when hydraulic tools are committed elsewhere or are not readily available. In certain instances, they can help speed up operations involving hydraulics, reciprocating saws, and chisels. One generally overlooked hand tool is a well-maintained pair of bolt cutters, which can be used where the material must be cut in a controlled fashion and where space does not allow the use of larger tools. The bolt cutter is most effective on relatively thin material that can easily fit within the tool’s jaws. When working in close proximity to the victim, bolt cutters are generally safer than other types of cutting devices. Below are…

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