Firefighter Training

Realistic Live-Burn Training You Can Afford

Issue 5 and Volume 162.

BY KRISS GARCIA AND REINHARD KAUFFMANN According to the late Francis L. Brannigan, “Live firefighter training may inadvertently be delivering the wrong message.” On the fireground, when all else fails and success or survival is measured in seconds and inches, we all fall back on our experience and what we learned in training to pull us through. Not much in today’s fire service pays bigger dividends than intense, realistic fire training. However, with restrictions on live burning in acquired structures and the limitations of many gas-fueled and Class A fire props, how does a department provide safe and realistic training for its firefighters? After you look at some of the more popular live-fire options, keep an open mind for another option you probably have not considered. TRADITIONAL TRAINING OPTIONS Live-fire training is generally conducted in specially designed low-tech props, high-tech state-of-the-art fire training facilities, or acquired structures pending demolition, such…

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