FEMA-sponsored landmark study

Issue 5 and Volume 162.

“Preliminary findings show that one-third of firefighters had heart disease that is unrelated to traditional risk factors, such as high cholesterol. Those results are astounding and point at job duties and environment as the primary determinants for early death in our country’s first responders,” according to H. Robert Superko, MD, principal investigator in the Federal Emergency Management Agency-sponsored study of firefighters ages 40 and over. The study was conducted at Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Superko is a recognized expert on the association between lipids, cholesterol, and advanced metabolic markers and heart disease. His comments, released in March, were contained in the preliminary findings of the world’s first study of first responders at risk of suffering sudden death or other significant cardiac events. Three hundred firefighters in Gwinnett County, Georgia, participated in the study. They were selected for the study following an emotional report submitted by Chief Steve…

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