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New Technologies Focus on First Responder “Capability Gaps” and Needs, Part 2

Issue 6 and Volume 162.

BY MARY JANE DITTMAR Part 1 was published in the May 2009 issue. Of the research areas surveyed for this article, the areas of Communications and Firefighter Locator Systems reflected a high number of initiatives and multiparty involvement. Communications By this time, we have all come to learn the critical value of complete, quality communications in emergencies and disasters, whether they be person-to-person, fireground crew-to-command, all the way up to agency-to-agency when multiple parties respond. Interoperability has been the nation’s goal, especially since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. When asked at Virtual FDIC ( what he considered the most pressing need, technology-wise, for the fire service today, Captain Andrew Stromfeld, Fishers (NY) Fire Department, responded: “Not just to echo all the politicians, but interoperability is very important. Today with the volunteer organizations seeing fewer members joining and remaining, the use of mutual aid had…

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