Firefighter Training

The Company Officer: The Perfect Training Officer

Issue 7 and Volume 162.

By Brian P. Kazmierzak and Forest F. Reeder No matter how organized, educated, and professional your department’s training officer is, your company officer is still the perfect person to effectively train your members. This is a fairly bold but dead-on-target statement that career training officers make. Regardless of the type of department you have, company officers have two main responsibilities: to make sure everyone goes home and to train them for the next event. While differences exist in training, drilling, and education, the core value of any training program is that it directly yields results in getting everyone to come home. You can view training as the initial skill-level awareness or entry-level training into any job/duty area. Drills reinforce learning in an attempt to create skills and knowledge that members can recall and use naturally. The phrase “drill it into your head” comes from this portrayal of the learning process.…

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