Firefighter Training

Strategic Planning for Training and Professional Development

Issue 8 and Volume 162.

BY MARK WALLACE Effective fire department training and pro-fessional development don’t just happen. Even in the best economic times, they are critical aspects of creating future excellence within the fire service. The economy is impacting all fire department budgets. If your fire department has not already cut its budget, get ready. It won’t be long. Except for responding to emergencies, preparing to respond is the most important function within a fire department today, although some may argue for other priorities. If an organization relies on its legal mandates, however, what we are required to do is fairly specific. You must consider federal and state mandates because this is where continuing education, certification standards, and training mandates are often located. A local problem occurs when nonfire service policymakers (city council members or elected board members) find tax revenues falling and hence must cut the budget. Local governments must balance their budgets…

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