TRUST: The Five Tenets of Leadership

Issue 8 and Volume 162.

BY JOHN KING “Two things a leader can do. Either contaminate his environment and his unit with his attitude and actions, or he can inspire confidence.”—Lieutenant General Hal Moore, U.S. Army (retired) Which type of leader are you? Trust is the basis for effective leadership, “a confident reliance on the integrity, honesty, veracity, and justice of another.” There is no better mnemonic for the Five Tenets of Leadership: Team leader; Respect 360°; Undaunted command; Stewardship; and Tenacity. TEAM LEADER First and foremost, you have to want to be a leader. Nothing troubles a fire company more than an officer who demonstrates his lack of commitment to his responsibilities through indifference, incompetence, and lack of leadership. As a leader, you are the role model. You must demand a high standard of performance and have zero tolerance for those uncommitted to excellence. As a leader, recognize that you have flaws; don’t hide…

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