Technical Rescue

Do You Have a Plan for Managing Bomb Threats?

Issue 9 and Volume 162.

BY BRIAN BENNETT Your dispatch center receives a phone call reporting that a bomb has been planted at the local school. A custodian finds a message scrawled on a restroom mirror stating a bomb has been planted in the shopping center. A note is found on a subway car threatening an impending explosion. Are these scenarios hoaxes or the real thing? Can we afford to take chances and not be prepared? Almost every department will respond to a bomb threat at one time or another. Although we have learned through experience that a great majority of the bomb threats turn out to be hoaxes, we must have a response plan for these calls to ensure our personnel’s safety and that of the general public. In today’s world, we must maintain situational awareness and always analyze each specific situation thoroughly to determine the proper response. WHAT IS THE THREAT? The perpetrator…

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