Firefighter Training

Rescue Is Not Always Technical

Issue 9 and Volume 162.

BY STEVEN WOODWORTH The chief of the Fayetteville (GA) Fire Department directed that the 2008 training calendar include a rescue awareness training program for all members. The goal was to identify the available resources for technical rescue incidents, such as high angle, confined space, trench, and structural collapse. Although several members had attended various rescue training programs and had varying levels of experience, the department’s technical rescue equipment was limited. The need for such service was relatively low and simply did not justify major budget expenditures for a fully equipped rescue unit. The department needed to identify its capabilities and limitations while maintaining an awareness of what its members could safely and effectively accomplish. The program first identified the jurisdiction’s needs. An area survey combined with a review of previous calls showed a low frequency of calls requiring technical rescue disciplines. The department then developed a training program that identified…

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