Volunteer Fire Service

Recruitment + Training = Retention

Issue 9 and Volume 162.

By JOE NEDDER Recruitment and retention of volunteer and on-call firefighters are becoming more and more difficult. There are many reasons for this. This article identifies the urgency and need for volunteer training. WHO ARE VOLUNTEERS? If you ask why people volunteer to be firefighters in their communities, you get a variety of answers. For the most part, the key reasons are the following: To help those in the community. A deep desire to belong to the fire service. The thrill and excitement of the job. A sense of fulfillment. A desire to belong within a recognized group that has social interaction. Twenty to 30 years ago, volunteer fire departments were more social in nature. Training was not a hardcore requirement, and your social interaction with the group was usually how you were perceived and judged. My company went to many fires; if things did not go well, we lost…

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