Firefighting, Truck Company

Twice in a Tour

Issue 9 and Volume 162.

BY MICHAEL N. CIAMPO On our way into the three-story garden apartment, assigned as the second-due truck and responsible for the floor above the fire, we saw heavy black smoke issuing out of two front windows on the second floor. As we entered the building, the first-due engine was stretching a line up the stairs. Unfortunately, one of the hose’s couplings got hung up on the lip of the stair’s half-landing during the stretch. Realizing the importance of getting the first line into service, one of the firefighters bent over and released it. As we got to the second floor, we informed the first-due truck that we were going to the floor above and donned our face pieces. As we began forcing the door on the apartment above the fire, the smoke condition in the hallway increased and the visibility diminished. After gaining entry to the apartment, we began our…

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