Critiques = Keepin’ Score

Issue 10 and Volume 162.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI This month we look at the critique part of the performance-management process. The critique provides a standard postincident review that asks and (hopefully) answers the most basic effectiveness question: How well did the people work, and how did the procedures work? This really simple, really important question is posed after we go out in the real world and use our local resources to apply the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the street. Last month, we called the application phase “showtime.” We also discussed how the five standard model parts (in order) connect and integrate to create an effective context among those interrelated system parts (SOPs/Train/Apply/Critique/Revise). The ongoing application of this context becomes the foundation for creating, maintaining, and continually improving our operational effectiveness. Talking about “context” is a little bit of an unnatural act for us because it has a somewhat academic (egghead) “sound” to it. Our…

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