Apparatus & Equipment

Reducing Response Times

Issue 10 and Volume 162.

By DANIEL SEIDBERG When the tones go off, do you know immediately if enough members are responding? When necessary, are you requesting second activations or mutual aid without any delay after the initial dispatch? Are you assigning duties before your members even arrive? Do you know what your in-town, available personnel resources are? More than 28,000 emergency responders now answer “yes” to all of these questions because they use enables emergency responders to immediately inform their chiefs, other department members, and dispatchers if, when, and where they are responding to emergency incidents. With this system, response entities and their dispatchers know immediately if there is an adequate response en route. Fire departments, EMS agencies, specialty teams, and any emergency response entities that rely on out-of-station personnel for any portion of their emergency response use After a department or team is dispatched (through existing dispatch systems), responding members…

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