With Liberty and Justice for All

Issue 10 and Volume 162.

Bobby Halton
BY BOBBY HALTON One day while Socrates was out walking, a young man came racing up to him to tell him that he had some important news to share with him about someone Socrates knew. “Before you begin,” Socrates said, “I must ask you a few questions. First, do you know this individual personally?” The young man said, “No.” “Second, do you know that what you’re about to tell me is absolutely true?” The young man said, “No.” “Finally, is what you’re about to tell me something good about this person or bad?” The young man said, “It is bad.” Socrates said, “So you are going to tell me something about someone you don’t know, something that you’re not sure whether it’s true, and something that is not positive or flattering, correct?” The young man said, “That’s correct.” Socrates turned and walked away, saying, “Thank you, but I really don’t…

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