Bungalow Fires: Construction Dictates Tactics

Issue 10 and Volume 162.

BY BRUCE TENNISWOOD The bungalow was the home design of choice for middle class America during the suburban housing boom, post-World War II. They’re everywhere. They provided a low-cost alternative to multifamily residences found in the inner city, provided plenty of room for the large families of the 1940s and 1950s, and were symbols of American prosperity during the Baby Boom. Today, they have a new legacy: They are often the structures burning when we get called to residential fires. The reasons for their burning at such a high frequency are numerous, but two stand out as primary. These homes are commonplace in rundown neighborhoods where pride of ownership has been replaced with renters who have little regard for property values, maintenance, housekeeping, or fire safety. Additionally, since so many of these houses are in existence, we see them in fire situations often based solely on their number. This article…

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