Always Fixin’ Ourselves

Issue 110 and Volume 162.

BY ALAN BRUNACINI We have “Unplugged” our way through the first four parts of the performance management process. This month we will discuss the fifth and last “box” in the model, which is revision. The revision step must be done after we actually deliver service and then automatically do a standard critique of the outcome of our performance. The revision part of the process is based on the lessons the critique produced. Some incidents teach us a lot of new lessons, and those lessons require us to make major revisions of various parts of our service delivery system. Those changes could include updating standard operating procedures (SOPs); adding or changing training; altering current or acquiring new hardware; and providing special coaching, counseling, or reinforcement. Many times incidents were handled okay using the current system. These incidents produce the need for only a critique to verify and reinforce that the SOPs…

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