The Pierce Ultimate Configuration

Issue 110 and Volume 162.

By MIKE MOORE Anyone who spends any time thinking seriously about how firefighters can be more effective knows that as firefighters are asked to do more, apparatus are asked to carry more. Conditions demand even greater vehicle maneuverability. Whether navigating the crowded streets of a large city or the rugged terrain of a rural landscape, getting to the scene—and identifying and setting up at the optimal location once there—is more challenging than ever. And certain facts endure: Fire scenes are inherently dangerous and potentially chaotic environments. Anything that simplifies actions or eliminates unneeded risk is indispensable. And, of course, the more you can simplify service, the more apt the truck is to be in service. Photo by Christopher J. Chomel. The Pierce Ultimate Configuration (PUC) was designed over a five-year period with these design criteria in mind. And, to keep the design focused on real-life needs, our customers actively participated…

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