Fireground Management

The “How’s” Are Local

Issue 110 and Volume 162.

By Bobby Halton The fire service is always looking introspectively at practices and tactics and constantly reviewing and revising what we do tactically on the fireground. This is one of our strongest traits. To be effective, we must have that constant drive for improvement. The absolute worst thing that could ever happen to the fire service is to become complacent and satisfied with the level of service or the level of safety we currently enjoy. Currently, there is an interesting discussion on how we need to establish command/direction on the fireground. With the advent of the incident command system, we began to place more and more responsibility on the first-arriving company officer. The concept of a strong, single, focused point of command was established and widely accepted. Prior to that time, the fireground was largely run based on first-due preestablished responsibilities and preestablished tasks and tactics, which were determined based…

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