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Bulletin on Ventilating Attic Fires Offers Practical Solutions

A new resource from the Metal Construction Association (MCA) offers procedures and practical tips for ventilating fires in attics with press-formed metal panel roofs during firefighting operations. Ventilating Attic Fires (PDF) is a four-page bulletin that offers tips on identifying a stone-coated metal roof, accessing and ventilating a stone-coated metal roof in the case of a fire, and a case study on metal’s performance in internal attic fires. It is free and downloadable from the MCA Web site.
Ventilating Attic Fires is designed as a training and education tool for fire code officials, fire marshals, firefighters, fire departments, and others on the performance of metal roofing in interior fires. Representatives from the California Fire Marshal’s office have reviewed content and provided input during the development of the bulletin. It includes an outline of the fire protection features of metal panel roofs, including: high-wind resistance, lightweight, high impact strength, resistance to ember entry, noncombustible, and the ability to contain the fire to the structure (i.e. metal roofing does not allow burn-through and roof collapse).
“This is a very valuable document that we’re eager to get into the hands of firefighters as well as our members. Having input from the fire marshal’s office is a key point in development of this bulletin,” noted Scott Kriner, MCA Technical Director.

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