Become an “Occupational Athlete”

Issue 12 and Volume 162.

BY JEFF LINVILLE As Firefighters, WE must be prepared to meet the physical demands of the various types of emergency calls we might face. In addition to mundane tasks such as shoveling dirt on antifreeze, we sometimes have to engage in the extremely physical work of lifting a 600-pound patient onto a stretcher, performing a technical rescue, or fighting a serious fire on the 52nd floor of a downtown high-rise building. The very nature of our profession necessitates that we be physically and mentally prepared to meet these challenges. Take a hard look at yourself and ask, Am I prepared? Consider yourself an “occupational athlete.” Just as serious athletes train physically for their sport, firefighters should physically train for the demands of their profession. The metabolic equivalent (MET) is a measurement for determining the workload or demand on an athlete. In exercise science, the value MET is a multiple of…

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