Fire Engineering University: Pressurized Fire Attack Precautions: THE “BIG THREEE”

Issue 12 and Volume 162.

BY KRISS GARCIA AND REINHARD KAUFFMANN   Educational Objective   1 Understand the difference between positive-pressure attack (PPA) and positive-pressure ventilation (PPV). 2 Know the conditions in which fans should not be used. 3 Know when the Diagnostic Barometer of Interior Conditions indicates that the fire situation is conducive to PPA. 4 Know to what the three “E”s in the “Big Threee” refer. Over the past 20 years, the use of fans on the fireground has steadily increased. We don’t believe there is another tactic that provokes such an emotional reaction for firefighters. Some swear by the tactic and think that any other option is irresponsible. Ohers maintain just as vehemently that the use of this tactic will spell death and disaster. The fact is, like most polarizing topics, the truth is somewhere in the middle.   POSITIVE-PRESSURE ATTACK (PPA)   Using fans to bring the fire under control—called positive-pressure…

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