Enhance Fireground Operations with Digital Building Intelligence

Issue 1 and Volume 163.

BY JACK J. MURPHY The high-tech future of the fire service in which building intelligence can enhance fireground operations has arrived. More than portable radio communication is connecting the firefighters inside the building with the incident command post. Interior firefighters and Command are now in tune with how the building will react under fire conditions or other all-hazard emergencies. The emerging technology of digital buildings and core intelligence will fully empower firefighters with a tactical edge in which they will be able to look inside the building and quickly determine the floor layout, view a 3-D pathfinder for search and rescue, and employ an electronic building intelligence card (eBIC) that will advance size-up to a whole new level. Being able to share the digital images and building intelligence eliminates the confusion that exists when the support incident command post staff are huddled around paper blueprints during a crisis situation. The…

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