Building Systems and Lobby Control in Residential High-Rises

Issue 1 and Volume 163.

BY MICHAEL POSNER AND BOB CARPENTER   “Engine 10 arrival on a 25-story residential high-rise. Heavy smoke and flames on the 22nd floor. We have people trapped on balconies on the 23rd and 24th floors. This unit will be Command.”   We have all heard the saying, “As goes the first line, so goes the fire.” There is another aspect that will help ensure a positive and safer outcome of this type of incident—having a thorough working knowledge of building systems, understanding lobby control, and knowing how to establish it. Let’s begin with a discussion of the various building systems.   FIRE ALARM SYSTEM PANEL (FAS)   The initial report given above contains a lot of obvious information relative to what is showing on arrival. What about the times when you arrive on the scene of a reported fire and there is no visible evidence? In today’s modern high-rises, energy…

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